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OpenStack Summit 2013 Portland – Day 1 – Round-up

  IDC Storage has been following and tracking the OpenStack movement for some time now. OpenStack has received significant press lately and it seems every major IT company is circling the preverbal wagon around OpenStack. What’s reality vs. hype? Let’s dive-in and dissect day 1 of the summit . Cinder Let’s debunk the first myth, … Continue reading

IDC 1st World Wide Enterprise All Solid State & Flash Storage Forecast 2013-2016 Released!

Enterprises are faced with a myriad of challenges from dealing with the vast quantities of data being generated in our digital universe and the ever-growing number of applications to the cloud, virtualization, and Big Data analytics. When these issues are taken together, this places pressure on enterprise infrastructures to deliver higher performance and improved responsiveness … Continue reading

PernixData Exits Stealth Mode and Enters the Server Side Flash Market

The Situation February 20th, 2013 PernixData has come out of stealth mode & has entered the VMware virtualization acceleration software market with it’s Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP). The FVP is a software solution for VMware that can accelerate virtual machines transparently using the end-user’s choice of commodity server-side flash and SSD. What makes PernixData’s solution … Continue reading

NetApp All Flash Storage Strategy Announced with EF540 and FlashRay

The Situation February 19th, 2013 NetApp announced a flash storage vision and two new all flash storage arrays: EF540. E-Series storage array designed for absolute performance while providing enterprise features as well. FlashRay. Built from the ground up all flash storage array focused on performance, cost, and enterprise features. NetApp has had a long history … Continue reading

OCP IV 225_featured

Knox! Knox! Who’s there? Open Vault

The Situation IDC has been tracking the Open Compute movement very closely since it’s inception 18 months ago due to the involvement of very large IT consumers such as: Facebook RackSpace Fidelity Goldman Sachs Leading up to the Open Compute Summit there was lots of speculation regarding what would be discussed since the agenda wasn’t … Continue reading


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